An Open Letter to A Former Friend

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Former Friend, Stop judging me. Stop wishing failure upon me. Stop making me feel less than. You don't know the pain I have known. You don't know the roads I have traveled. The obstacles I have triumphantly overcome. Just stop. Find something genuine, something real, to do with your time. This isn't a game. You don't need to walk all over me, pounding me into the mud, so you can get ahead. Stop sitting around waiting for triumph. It will never come. Your hurting me, lying about me, it only produces fire in me. And the good kind. The kind that makes me get up and move. To live life to the fullest. To move forward. My achievement, my contentment, my joy, doesn't mean your failure. So instead of trying to tear me down, spend time on developing yourself. Who you want to be. I know you don't feel joy in the life you have created for yourself. And only you can undo what you have done. It is never too late to carve out the life you want to live. But please, please stop punishing me for your decisions. How broken you must feel to consciously seek out people to hurt. How reckless you are with your words and your behavior. You have carried yourself in such an ugly way. While it would be easy to wish ill will and bad karma on you, I will not lower myself to the same pain you have caused me, and no doubt many others. Instead I forgive you. And love you anyway. And wish you the very best . Your pain must run deep to hurt people as you have. But you can turn it all around. You can achieve what is written on your heart. I have seen first hand glimpses of greatness in you. I hope you one day see it in yourself. Remember we are all broken. We are all a little crazy. It is all in how you process it all. It is a choice. Live empty, or live full. I hope one day you choose the latter. Be careful the bridges you burn. Sometimes those very bridges are the ones you need to lead you to where you are supposed to be. 

Sincerely, Me 

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