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Monday, August 26, 2013

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Today my three boys started a brand new school year. One more year of homework, projects and reading logs. I am a bit sad to see them go. I love having them here during the day with me. But I know that they are eager to be in a new class with new friends ( for a few weeks. We are relocating to another state in a few weeks. More on that in a later post). One of the things about the school year that I am adamant about is homework time. Same time every single day. They all know homework comes before outside play, Kindle play  and tv watching. One of the things I have learned over the years is that I need all materials in one common place.  If I have all pencils, markers, glue etc all in one place, they will not be as distracted and will focus on their work at hand. Sometimes ;). I found this caddy at Rogers Flea Market in Ohio a few years ago. It works perfectly for all of their needs come homework time. And it can be carried from room to room easily. No more trying to find glue or tape in every drawer in the house! Here's to a great new school school year for my children, and yours! 

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